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Spring clean-up/lawn cutting

Each spring, your property may need a thorough cleaning.  Have us do the dirty work and get your property “cleaned up”!
We offer a weekly lawn maintenance program April - October. MSK Landscaping is dedicated to providing you with exceptional lawn cutting quality and care.

mulch/bush trimming

Enhance the appearance of your landscape by adding mulch to your flower and shrub beds. Several varieties and colors are now available!  Any shrubs/bushes on your property can be trimmed or removed. We use everything from professional gas edge trimmers and chain saws to hand-held scissors.

all landscape projects

Is it time to consider a more modern look to the landscape of your property? Let us help! We specialize in providing creative landscape ideas and can transform the beauty of your property. Enhancing the surroundings of your property can create excitement and happiness in your everyday life!

Spring clean-up/lawn cutting

Each fall comes with its crop of fallen leaves. These leaves clutter the ground and fill up and block your gutters. MSK Landscaping has an extensive leaf cleaning operation that will remove all those unwanted leaves.  

snow removal

The winter months can be difficult, let us worry about your snow removal. MSK Landscaping provides a quick and efficient snow removal operation and we have our experienced staff ready 24 hours a day to remove your snow.