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"I love my new decorative retainer wall! Thank you MSK Landscaping for making it so easy."

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Here at MSK Landscaping, we offer just about every Landscape service available! From brand new landscape and brick paver projects, to weekly maintenance, our experienced staff will do the job right.


No job can be too big and no job can be too small here at MSK Landscaping. Any ideas you may have to redesign or change any outdoor project, we are the company to use! Don’t hesitate to ask questions about changing the appearance of your landscape - most likely we have already done a job just like it.

Retainer wall


  Project: Patio brick installation

Step 1
Step 2
The first step in this project is to layout the design in the grass so you can see exactly where everything is going to go! Once the design is laid out, we excavate and remove the earth in preparation for a new pool and patio.
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Step 3
Step 4
Next, the pool is installed and MSK Landscaping does the final prepartion for the patio. Completion. The patio brickwork is installed and now you have the backyard you always wanted.


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