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"I wasn't sure how I was going to get rid of one acre of fallen leaves but MSK Landscaping
came to my rescue."

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Signing up early with our leaf cleanup operation is crucial. Time is against us! The leaves generally drop within the first two weeks of November and there could be several inches of snow on the ground within days. Therefore, we have come up with a system to effectively remove your leaves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Generally, we will try and clean your property two (2) times. The first clean up would be done within the first 2 weeks of November and the second and final cleanup would be done in the last two weeks of November. Although, this process sometimes does not work for everybody. Due to the weather, your particular leaves may not have fallen within the first two weeks. Now, when we show up for your final cleaning; now you have twice as many leaves as your neighbors because your leaves were not ready the first time around. Whether we provide you with two smaller clean ups or one big clean up, we still charge the same fee.

The first clean up would consist of quickly removing the bulk of the leaves off your property. However, the second and final cleaning would consist of thorough, more time consuming cleaning than the first one.

Removing the leaves

In order to effectively manage all customers in a timely manner, your leaves may be contained and left near your street for a short period of time. A secondary leaf cleaning crew would then come by with a vacuum truck and vacuum all your leaves into our truck to be disposed of. We simply do it all! Clean up your leaves, contain them, and haul them away.


Gutter cleaning

We can remove the leaves out of your gutters once the leaves have stopped falling. We wait until all the leaves are done to assure no more leaves will fall in your gutters after we clean them out.

The price of gutter cleaning will vary depending on how many linear feet of gutters you have. For example, a double story home will cost more than a standard style ranch home due to more gutters to clean. Call us and find out how much it will cost you to have your gutters cleaned out.


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