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MSK Landscaping can provide your commercial or residential property with snow removal and salting applications. Whether it’s just a dusting of snow that needs to be salted or a foot of snow that needs to be plowed, we have the equipment and experience to handle the job.

For our residential customers, we offer two options for you to choose from!

Option 1:

Remove snow after receiving 1 inch
Sometimes we just get 1 inch of snow! You may think that is not much snow but just 1 inch can become very dangerous if not removed. With steady cold temperatures, that 1 inch of snow can become very icy and pose unsafe conditions. We offer you a snow removal service that will show up and remove your snow if we receive 1 inch of snow or more.

Option 2:

Remove snow after receiving 2 inches
Once we receive at least 2 inches of snow, we automatically remove your snow when the snow has stopped falling.

Our crews start “ONCE THE SNOW HAS STOPPED”! Unfortunately, there is no set time when the snow will stop and therefore, we can never guarantee you a time as to when we will be at your property. However, we can guarantee you that we will do our best to get to each property as quickly and safely as we can.

Ice Control Applications

After plowing and removing your snow, we can apply a few different options for ice control to your property: rock salt, calcium chloride and pet-friendly ice melter.

Any of these options can be a “CHEAP INSURANCE”. Safety is a very important factor in life and should be taken seriously. Spending a small sum now can prevent a big cost later if someone were to have a slip-and-fall.

Ask for a quote today for applying any of these ice control applications to your pavement!


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